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Review Us Online

Go to the websites listed below and provide a quick review for other homebuyers and sellers who are looking for a realtor.

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Tell Us

Complete the form below and let us know where you reviewed us so we can get you registered for the contest!

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At the end of this contest, we’ll be drawing for the GRAND prize winner. Look out for a video text with the announcement.

Step One: Review us online.

Below are the different websites and instructions on how to review us on each one.
We estimate it will take 2 minutes each website to submit your review.

Review us on Yelp!

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on “Write Review”
Step 3: Select your Star rating and write your review below.
Step 4: Click on “post review” and you’re done!

Then, you are done reviewing us on Yelp! Now, you can move onto Facebook!

Review us on our Facebook page!

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Scroll to the “Share your opinion about J&J Realtors” portion. You can find this on the left-hand side.
Step 3: Select your star rating a window will pop up and then you can write your review.
Step 4: Press the “Done” button.

Then, you’re done with reviewing us on Facebook! Now, you can move onto Google!

Review us on Google!

Step 1: From your desktop go to
Step 2: In the search bar type in J&J Realtors
Step 3: On the right side of the results page you will see a J&J Realtors column. Below the contact information you will click on the tab that says “Write a Review”
Step 4: Click the number of stars out of 5 you rate us. ( We LOVE 5-star reviews! They really stand out when new clients see them!)
Step 5: Enter your review.
Step 6: Click the “Post” button

Then you’re done reviewing us on Google!

Step Two: Tell us you want to win!

Please complete the form below so we can make sure to give you credit for your submission! Once completed, please press “submit”. You will receive an (on-page) confirmation your submission was received.

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Step Three: Win!

Once you complete the reviews, please make sure to submit your contest entry (just above, on this page) so we can send you the email when the drawing takes place.

Again, everyone wins in this contest. But only one person will get the $500 Amazon gift card! Just remember, each review gets you an entry. Even if it’s the same review that is posted on other websites!

Thank you again for your participation. We sincerely appreciate it and we know it will make a huge difference for other homebuyers in our area. We also want to thank you for supporting our business. It means the world to us.